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International Alumni Chapters

An international alumni chapter of the KU Leuven has as its mission:

  • To promote, support and develop initiatives that foster links and relations between alumni, students, researchers and people otherwise linked to KU Leuven;
  • To create a virtual platform for exchange between the aforementioned groups and individuals and KU Leuven;
  • To organize activities in the country that bring together these networks;
  • To stimulate contacts and interaction between them, leading to collaborations;
  • To promote KU Leuven by developing and sustaining alumni networks;
  • To identify high quality students who are interested in studying at KU Leuven and to assist alumni in their job search.

Setting up an International Alumni Chapter

The worldwide network of alumni chapters provides a welcome connection for graduates returning home, or for those arriving in a new area. Eacht international alumni chapter

  • … has a Steering Committee
  • … organises events with speakers from KU Leuven
  • … reaches out to all known KU Leuven Alumni in the region
  • … has close links with diplomatic and corporate networks
  • … serves as contact point for faculties from KU Leuven
  • … are our best ambassadors!

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of setting up a new chapter please contact us as we will be pleased to offer as much assistance as possible.

Current chapters

World Wide Alumni Map


This map reflects the situation as it was in October 2014 and is only partially accurate. Soon, we will create a new, updated, version. 

Launch event KU Leuven Alumni Chapter Indonesia


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