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Alumni Database

What is my alumni number, or Q-nummer? Where can I find it?

Your alumni number, a.k.a. q-nummer consists of one letter (q for alumni), followed by seven digits, e.g. q1234567... This number is strictly personal, and is given to the graduates of the KU Leuven in possession of a valid diploma (bachelor, master, ...).

You can find your alumni number:







You can also request your alumni number at the Alumni Office

(The old alumni numbers starting with "a" are no loger in use).

Can I get a refund if I cancel my event booking?

Yes you can. Please read Alumni events refunds and cancellations for more information.

Is my personal data in the Alumni Database protected ?

You personal information in our database is protected: we comply with the European data protection rules. Please read more

Where can I obtain a copy of my diploma or transcript?

To obtain a copy of your diploma or transcript, please contact the Student administration.

As of March 31, 2004, the certified explanation of documents was abolished by the federal government (more information). However, your employer or foreign body can still request a certified copy of your diploma. For this, you must provide the original diploma and the necessary copies.

How do alumni get a library card? As a member of the KU Leuven Alumni association, can I use online research databases and other KU Leuven libraries services?

As a paying member of Alumni Lovanienses, you can activate the library card in all university libraries free of charge (normal activation fee is € 25/year). This benefit does not include remote access to research databases and e-sources. However, you can access them in one the KU Leuven libraries. Please find here more information 

Can alumni use the intranet of the KU Leuven?

No. The University Intranet is open only to the current students, faculty and staff.

As an alumnus/a, do I get the e-mailaddress

No. The address is granted only to the current students, faculty and staff.

This is the first time I access the KU Leuven Alumni Database. How do I activate my account?

Before logging in for the first time, you have to activate your account. You will need your q-number to activate your account and set your password.

The e-mail address you use to activate your account should be the same as the e-mail address registered in the Alumni Database. Your strictly personal activation code will be sent to your registered e-mailaddress as the final step of your activation process.

In case if your e-mailaddress differs from the e-mail address regsitered in the Alumni Database, or in case it has not yet been registered in the Database, please contact the Alumni Office.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

In case if you forgot your password, you will need a new activation code to reactivate your account. Klik here to reactivate your account.

If you signed in with your private email address when setting your initial password, you can have your new activation code sent to your e-mailaddress via the activation page. In case you have not used your private email address, you should contact the alumni chapter which you have membership with or the Alumni Office if you are a member of the umbrella association (the 'kopel').

Please note:  you can not obtain a new password or activation code from the alumni chapter which you have membership with or the Alumni Office, neither by phone nor by mail. The activation code is automatically generated by the Intranet. The passwords are strictly personal and can not be issued by third parties.

The step-by-step activation guide: document (pdf)

What kind of personal information can I update?

Each alumnus/a can update his/her own personal data.

Paying members of any chapters Alumni Lovanienses (e.g. Department-based, Orchestra, UDLL, etc.) can  also view personal information of other alumni that are with the public setting. The EU Data Protection rules should be respected.

Who can see my personal information?

You can decide what information you would like to share, and with whom.

What information: Your address, your contact details such as phone number(s) and  e-mail address, diploma's, your professional environment/expreiense, etc. You can also choose not to publish any information at all.

With whom to share: With all alumni of the KU Leuven, only with paying members of Alumni Lovanienses, your fellow alumni of your department, or only with your selected classmates, etc.

You can also select what kind of information you'd like to receive from Alumni Lovanienses or your faculty-based alumni association: invitations, newsletters, etc.

How can I log in as staff member of the KU Leuven ?

Please follow the procedure mentioned above in order to obtain your alumni userID and activate your account.

Please note: Before logging in to the Alumni Database, you have to log off from the KU Loket!

If you do not log off, the browser will remember you as a staff  member, so that you will  be automatically redirected to your intranet login page of the KU Loket every time you try to access the Alumni Database as a member of Alumni Lovanienses. So please do not forget to log off from the KU Loket before logging in as an alumnus/a.


Go to Alumninet

  • retrieve and edit your personal data
  • add your diploma to your personal ID record
  • change your privacy setting and communication preferences
  • register for alumni activities and pay immediately online
  • pay your membership to your alumni chapter immediately online
  • print your membership card
  • find your fellow alumni 

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